From time to time I am contacted by other website owners who would like to be featured on my website – if I like them and think they might be of interest to animal and / or art lovers they are added below:

Best quality decorated and plain dog collars for your pet – Big variety of walking dog leashes and harnesses, bite tugs and toys.

Stylish leather Boxer collars for daily walks – Everyday use leather and nylon dog harnesses, genuine quality dog bite tugs and sleeves.

Daily walking Cane Corso dog collars of the best quality – Decorated leather dog harnesses and reliable dog leashes.

Leather dog collars of the best quality – Plenty of bite tugs and sleeves, dog harnesses and walking dog leashes.

Safe walking Pitbull muzzles for everyday use – Dog toys and bite tugs, decorated dog collars, dog harnesses.

Comfortable walking and training Siberian Husky harnesses – Wide variety of dog collars, dog toys, bite tugs and muzzles.

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