Cat portraits

Cats lovers can be among the most devoted of pet owners and what better way to pay tribute to a feline friend than commissioning a beautiful cat portrait? 

Cat portraits are available as pencil or pastel drawings on high quality paper or as acrylic or oil paintings on stretched linen canvas, in a whole variety of sizes. Prices start at £80 (including shipping) for a pastel cat portrait and can be ordered online or by contacting me directly.

pastel portrait of a cat called Logan
a pastel portrait of a cat called Juliette

Ordering online

You can order your portrait online. Simply fill out your requirements on the online ordering form, upload your photograph and once the deposit is paid I’ll get to work. Pencil, pastel and acrylic portraits are normally delivered within 3-4 weeks while oil paintings can take up to three months.  If you have any special deadline requirements please include them on the order form and I’ll do my best to meet them.

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