Photography tips

When photographing your pets for a portrait, it is good to bear the following points in the mind:

1. Use a good camera

Anything over around 8MP is normally fine, this includes most smartphones. 

2. Shoot in natural daylight

This will help create a crisp photo in true, natural colours.

3. Shoot with the camera at your pet’s eye level

This helps to create a photograph where everything looks in proportion. 

4. Take plenty

While you have your pet’s attention, take plenty of photos and choose your favourite. 

Great example photos

These are a few examples of great pet photography from recent orders.

Please note that quality of your portrait will be affected by the quality of the photo that I have to work from – the lighter and more detailed the better! 

Ordering online

You can order your portrait online. Simply fill out your requirements on the online ordering form, upload your photograph and once the deposit is paid I’ll get to work. Pencil, pastel and acrylic portraits are normally delivered within 3-4 weeks while oil paintings can take up to three months.  If you have any special deadline requirements please include them on the order form and I’ll do my best to meet them.

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